Blog update - Mar '23

Rolling my own

My site used to say that I am migrating my blog from WordPress to a personal setup since as far back as 2015.

Better late than never (though never late is better)

WordPress is an amazing blogging tool, but I have always felt that I wanted to write my own solution for this for a number of reasons.

While I had followed through with rolling my own landing page (which has changed domains 3 times since 2014), I’d stopped at that and had never gotten around to adding the blogging capability until around last month.

The first iteration is quite simple in appearance but I’m really enjoying the fact that it’s got room to evolve – gives me something to tinker with in my spare time.

To finally work on adding this has been a great exercise in several ways. First, because of the room to experiment – while WordPress offers a lot of useful plugins, they can often be close to what we’re looking for while not being exactly it. Besides that, I am appreciating the opportunity it is giving me to think about written content from first principles. (or at least second or third principles - either way, closer to first principles than I did using a CMS).

Of course, in a way I am also doing this to trigger my sunk cost bias and get back to writing more (and maybe even editing and publishing some of the things I’d written in my quiet period).

On the latter, it’s been an interesting exercise because I don’t feel as strongly about some of the things I had to say in the past, which has been pushing me to explore what it is that I would really like to communicate on here this time around.

I’ve got some ideas. Stay tuned! 🙂